Monday, September 1, 2008

ourwwworld pilot game: player welcome

Dear ourwwworld players,

it's been a blast getting your game blogs and sample plays ready. Thanks for agreeing to try out this concept. Now get ready for a wild ride in cyberspace! I'm very excited to watch what happens when your creativity moves into action with this unusual fundraising game.

Remember: Digg twice, blog your wordplay, digg yourself.

The players with the most diggs win!

To dig, in my dialect of the english language, means to enjoy. So log-in and start digging around at Take a look at today's google trends, and get ready to enjoy this game. I think it's going to be alot of fun!

Here are some useful links to posts I've been making over the past few days here at the ourwwworld blog, to get you started playing the game:

As you will undoubtedly notice, I've refined and added some rules since I wrote your invitation, to give us all more structure to work with in competing to be creative.

Your game blogs are listed below. By now you should have received an invitation from blogger to have authoring permissions on your blog, so you can log in whenever you want and start posting plays or partial plays.
  • LIVE: kellyswwworld for mme. kelly in l.a. (or is that la-la land?!). ms. kelly is playing this game because she believes in her cousin, and because she wants to help.

  • LIVE: grandmaswwworld for our global grandma in the pacific northwest. grandma is playing this game because her daughter on the other side of the world asked her to, and because she is excited about the funds it can raise for her favorite cause.

  • LIVE: nobsoswworld for mr. nobs in the solar heart of east africa. he's playing the game because his girlfriend designed it, and because he'd like to raise capital for more of his solar energy projects.

  • LIVE: ndeloswwworld for mr. ndelo in east africa. he's playing because he wants his blogging and clicking skills to finally turn into some cash. he also wants to see his organization move forward.

  • PENDING PLAYER CONFIRMATION: ayaaswwworld for ms. ayaa in east africa who really needs to check email more often.

  • PENDING PLAYER CONFIRMATION: lindernswwworld for mama linda n., whose heart, body and mind are divided between africa, asia and america right now.
Please don't miss the announcement about the first week's posting requirement.

If you have any questions, we can chat about those at, where I will be starting an ourwwworld game pilot project discussion within the coming days.

Keep it global, make it fun, and don't forget to enjoy yourselves!

Most of all, thanks for agreeing to help pilot the ourwwworld game concept.

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